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Welcome to the world of Sub Cold Refrigeration

For the last few years Sub Cold Refrigeration is trying to bring tremendous changes in the trends in the field of cold chain and it’s Services. Your loyalty to our 24*7 services have become our solid foundation today.

About Us

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Who We Are

We are the team united under Sub Cold Refrigeration, targeting exemplary services to protect your perishable products. Our devoted team is ready to help you according to your business goals and domestic needs.

What We Do

The Sub Cold Refrigeration team provides cold storage refrigeration products and services from small to large across KERALA. Our full support for all help and inquiries at all phases, from initial product inquiry to installation and post-installation supports, makes the workload easy for you.

24/7 Customer Care

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We Repair all Makes and Models With Special Offer

Call an Subcold Refrigeration today for a quote on your new home comfort system.

Main Services

Cold Storage supply

As the prominent, We offer high-quality Cold storage systems in small and large scale products. You can select cold storage systems and services according to your requirements

Installation works

Our perfect and highly satisfying installation works will make you feel excited. Sub Cold Refrigeration helps you to manage your perishable products and prevent your business from spoiling.

Testing and commissioning

After installation our team ensures your safety by testing and commissioning your installed Cold System Unit. It guarantees the proper working of the cold storage system.

Handing over to clients

Each and every product and service from the team Sub cold Refrigeration is delivered to you with all the allegiance and precision.

Preventive maintenance servises

Cold Storage systems need proper frequent maintenance for the quality of performance.Our responsible team is ready to daily and weekly maintenance

Amc servises after warrenty

Our team provides the best AMC Services after warranty period for your cold storage systems.

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